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you why a deal to turn up funding has been rejected. we will have more on the preparations happening now for tomorrow's victory parade, all ahead on the morning news. . good morning, thank you for joining us october 30thth, i am pam cook. >> we can do that, although some of you might have to go through some thick fog and they still have a fog advisory and after it burns off, it is 670s and 70s, here is sal. we look a little better now, we couldn't see much of it
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but as you head out to the high- rise, also the morning commute is looking good on highway 4 in pittsburgh, let's go back to the desk. we are still tracking the devastating east coast flood hurricane sandy. it happened in three new jersey towns, people are on rooftops desperately baiting to be rescued. new jersey was on alert after they rode above and they are expected to recede later today and we are told it does not pose a risk. hurricane winds caused a facility said to partially
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collapse over there. they have a subway system which is not clear when the service will resume. a woman was forced to abandon ship in rough waters off the ship in carolina. 14 crew members were rescued yesterday from the h ms bounty. 14-year-old christine was unresponsive after being pulled from the water. she died at the hospital and she has been featured in several films. and sandy has shut down many and we will have more on how the capital is coping. ktvu channel 2 morning news' allie rasmus is at san francisco national airport to
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tell us how it would affect the east coast. it is pretty quiet and that's because for a second day, a lot of east coast flights are canceled out of fso. we found this waiting area off to the right have been converted to a sleeping area and they are forced to sleep here because of the impact of hurricane sandy. and to new york boston are connecting flights to east coast cities to other destinations. we spoke with one couple honeymooning and they were coming back from hawaii but finally had to travel through 4 u.s. cities to get there.
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>> chicago then london... >> instead of coming from? >> would were going to some from london. >> most of the flights were canceled yesterday and they are also canceled today but not all of them are canceled. it is very important to check with your airline ahead of time. and again, everything is up in the air and you have to check before you come here. ktvu channel 2 morning news allie rasmus. both for the department and for south bay schools, the state denied their plan to split up millions of dollars. alex savage has more on this
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legal battle. >> reporter: on the one side 49ers and on the other side south bay schools. both sides reached a deal to split up that money and now the state has rejected that deal. they are disappointed in the decision but it will not affect the impact which is still said to open for the twinty one season. they stand to gain five points over the next three years. and local officials tried to put some of that money towards schools. an agreement was reached in all and it has not been signed so the deal was deny the and we
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will ask the state to overturn the decision and it will not happen until sometime next year. life in collar -- santa clara. thousands will be flocking to the big victory parade. they spent the day cleaning up after the giants egiants won the world very rice and city officials had this message for fans. >> it is important that we celebrate responsively. vandalizing is not the way to celebrate and we are holding it and muni says that bus recently
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had a $300,000 makeover and now they will have to pay for repairs. it came through the san francisco chronicle and you can see a barricade smashes the front of immune any bus. they were dented by people who climbed on top of them. the giants and the world series trophy is back home this morning. that was certainly the place to be after they arrived, world series, pablo sandoval with the publicity to show off to the crowd.
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now before the giants, they have a charter plane at fso as they emerged with the world series trophy in hand. >> very exciting. sal is back with us to get us moving this morning. >> i know i have been watching a lot of baseball and i recognized everybody getting off that plane plane. room -- traffic will be foggy in many areas and as you can see it is low here on the east shore freeway. you can barely see the cars moving out here. traffic is moving well and it is enough for you to get a decent drive. it is really tough in the morning but if you want to give yourself an extra few minutes,
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it is light traffic coming in and 880 is still looking good getting into the west valley and no problems over to 101, let's go to steve. dense fog advisory, now it looks like the peninsular and san sows -- local dress sill is -- dress sill is still there. it has wrapped up but it is running into the size of what was sandy. this goes all the way down to the deep south and all the way to maine. this is a massive blizzard and until this system moves, our system can't move which is why
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i am leaning on them. watch to the top, top left of your screen and how it doesn't go anywhere. there will be high clouds but watch how it slowly creeps around and that's how i see this. 60s and 70s and we start to pick up on a more of a westerly breeze. it does look mostly cloudy and i don't think it will dampen any spirits. >> now thursday morning overall temperatures will be in the 50s by the evening and for the extended outlook we will start to see the rain come in on thursday and my computer is stuck, pam, dave? >> well, that's okay.
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a lot of trick or treaters are happy to hear they will not be drenched. the chances the labor department will meet that deadline because of super storm sandy. also a hiker fell 150 feet to his death. two other hikers were saved in the dramatic rescue and we will tell you what they were running from. it looks good here on the hayward side, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. welcome back, crews had to save hikers after a they were -- after they were attacked by a swarm of bees. two others were rescued by crews in protective gear. and breast cancer screening has been proven to save lives which could come at a cost. experts say those women were unnecessarily treated for cancer that never would have threatened their lives. they have saved several went from breast cancer and over 400
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women were over diagnosed. they keep going down after a statewide average, down to $4 and 14 cents. they are tracking the state average in sacramento stockton modesto and they are less than $4 per gallon and they are seeing prices go up after huricane sandy. they are paralyzed after the damage caused by huricane sandy and hill a million people have no electricity. the government is shut down and the damage is widespread r the rain is still coming down and the winds are still gusty, scott? indeed, this storm peeked and the sound of the train hitting at the autumn leaves,
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the storm is still kicking and the nation's capital is still closed for a second day. the major thoroughfares, the highways are open but side streets are impassable because of floods and 8 to 10 inches. governors in maryland and in virginia all the way to the middle east are calling this a disaster. >> this is the most catastrophic event we have been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes. >> look at these trees uprooted at the white house. the power is on there and the infrastructure is quite good but they affect the city in maryland and gin and that's the story, half a million people are without power and they are without, without a doubt
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indefinitely. they are able to release the reports -- job's report and watch closely it indicates how the economy is doing. last month it fell to 8% the lowest since obama took office in 2009. they will be the last one since the election. it is part of a major reorganization and pay pal is combining 9 product development groups and job cuts come from streamlining that effort. company leaders say pay pal has developed a reputation as a bureaucrat particular workplace and it makes it more difficult to retain the best. they say donations are rolling in to help them replace two large windows damaged by
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vandals. about 4:45 somebody threw glass bottles through the displays. nothing was stolen and it's not clear if they were followed by the giants world series. and in january 20th 11, it is the only history museum in america. coming up on 5:18 we want to go back over to sal and it was foggy, is it still out there? >> yes, pam, dave as we look at some of these pictures, the ones i can show you, it's not a problem in bay point, pittsburgh or antioch. so contra costa is not having a lot of fog. the fog is tending to move around and we will let you know more about that.
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the traffic does look good getting into san francisco and there are no major problems from livermore to caster valley and the traffic does look good. let's go to steve. there is a fog advisory, very foggy for some, not selective, until about 9:00 that may be an issue otherwise it is clear, a lot of 40s dew point is higher today, mostly sunny, 60s to 70s but coming down a little bit. the scope, the size, it is throwing a huge bolder and what can move downstream. this system has already hit a wall until this ejects out or starts to move to the northeast and everything is delayed here. 40s and 50s on the temperatures, so any fog and it is a little bit warmer and
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cooler and our system looks good. it really does but it is creepy crawlly along here. cooler conditions and high pressure is missing its grip, 60s and 70s, mostly cloudy but that will be in the form of low clouds but everything holds off until late thursday into friday. and clearing friday, here we go again, clearing and things will be warmer. >> financial markets are closed again today. they sured up the new york stock exchange building and it is the first time since 1988 shut down the markets. they will test systems today in hopes of conducting electronic
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trading tomorrow. it shut down for a short amount of time and markets will be closed again. we are looking at the market's close and that's where we will start. overnight, markets closed with mixed results and japan announced they will buy back more. they ended the day with gains and european markets are up in early trading. could coming up. accidentally left at a bar? how the finder says that discovery caused him big problems with google. and we have more on the city residents and the homeless themselves and how they are reacting.
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. welcome back, they are talking about cleaning up the city's homeless camps. now officials say there are dozens of homeless camps all over san jose which are causing issues of safety and others say the homeless are not getting enough help. >> i wish they do help us because there is a lot of people here and they do need help. >> city officials say they need
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up to a million dollars to clean up these homeless camps through june and an extra 1.5 million for the next fiscal year. they are accusing google after a prototype for the smart phone. he tells them a google employee left them. he says when google sent the security officer, he was threatened with the rest. after handing over the device, google offered him a free phone after he agreed not to go to the media. well they will discuss the proposed expansion of facebook headquarters and he currently has a headquarters with room up to 600 workers. they have plans for additional 828 employees and some people have expressed concerns about the impact on traffic and
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community services if the proposed expansion goes through. 525 is the time -- 5:25 is the time. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> as you might imagine from antioch to pittsburgh in bay point, it is not undoable and traffic looks nice heading to fremont. 5:25 let's go to steve. dense fog advisory, some visibility is awful and it could be awful, other locations are clear and we have a system out there and boy it looks good and has no place left to go because of what is going on back east. we will talk about that coming up, high 60s, pam? deadly gunfire in san francisco's mission district
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and the shooting has led to a manhunt. the countdown, we will show you a sneak peak that will come at the giant parade downtown tomorrow. and having so much water around actually hurt firefighters actually trying to stop it.
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. good morning, it is october 30thth, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook let's check in with steve paulson. the afternoons are not bad. >> it is not as cool as yesterday, dense fog advisory, 60s and 70s for highs today. steve, right now traffic on the san mateo bridge, a little bit of fog there and we can see the roadway which was just a few minutes ago and the commute is going to be slow nearby and it is looking good at the toll plaza, let's go back to the desk. this is new overnight video, dozens of homes are still on fire and 50 homes have already burned to the ground.
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this is the scene at question some of them were seen wading in waist-deep water but it has made them unable to look for victims. they are taking a sharp turn tomorrow into western new york and that means at least two more days of heavy rain in the west coast. we'll see hurricane force winds throughout the day. >> this is bad, no question about it. but, you know and it certainly has a potential to be bad for a while. >> 17 deaths are being blamed on the storm which knocked out millions to people. new york city system will reopen and it is still unclear.
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and because of that big storm on the east coast, live at the west coast and here is what you need to know if you plan to catch a flight this morning, allie? >> reporter: well, if you care your airline directly you may be able to check the status of your flight but the duty manager says things are changing by the hour, take for example this flight to boston, well we met some people who at 4:00 were ready to go and they checked at 4:00 a.m., they checked and it system and it is a go ahead. it is all because of the impact of what was huricane sandy. thousands of flights were canceled yesterday and inside terminal two, we found many people who spent the night here at fso because they simply had
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no place else to go to wait for their flights. many travelers needed to have a connecting flight but they had no idea it was canceled until they arrived here. >> i was very surprised and also frustrated because it is tiring after a 12 hour flight to find out you are stuck. now the duty manager says it could resume but flights to boston and washington d.c. and new york, they are assessing
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any possible damage and it will all depending on changing conditions. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. president barack obama canceled all of his campaign events. he is focused on the government response to the big storm. mitt romney also worked his campaign schedule. he changed an appearance to a storm relief event. more than 6.5 million people are still in the dark. crews from right here in northern california were helping to get the lights back on. san francisco police are looking for suspects in an overnight homicide. it happened shortly after midnight in the city's south mix district. it is still not clear what led
5:35 am
up to the deadly gunfire. police responded to a man just before 10:00 last night. no arrests were made and police have not said what prompted the incident. antolin garcia-torres accused of killing sierra lemar, is he set to go before a judge this afternoon. antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may in connection with sierra lemar's disappearance. volunteers are still searching for her but despite not finding her body, antolin garcia-torres faces murder charges and today he could enter a plea for that crime. they are preparing for the giants victory parade and they are taking people to bart parade which could break
5:36 am
records. live in san francisco with the parade details, tara? >> reporter: they have been working around the clock on building the slopes and we don't know if we are supposed to be slowing you this but we are going to. there is another float in front of me and another one with a replica on it. they hope to have everything finished but they have been working around the clock for days now. >> we have been swapping more orange and black paint than we can shake a stick at. we have easily a half mile going on the floats right now. >> players rode in cable cars and they lab lot more visible.
5:37 am
>> confetti, lots of confetti, they will be bursting all the way down market street for 1.7 miles. >> police say they will be changing some shifts to have more officers on duty. the ticker tape parade will start near the ferry building and turn on to mcalester and run for a rally. a lot of people are i asked be school and coming up, transit trailer, we will give you a couple of tips so you can avoid all the mayhem. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> if you want to avoid the crowds, you can watch the parade right here with us and streaming on our website live coverage begins 10:30 tomorrow morning. sal will tell you all the
5:38 am
different things on how to prepare but for now you will tell us where we need to go for now. >> well, you might want a "d" vr coverage of it. you can go to the parade and get home and watch it again. >> there might be a few people between you and the parade. good morning everybody, we are going to be here to help you out with that and we are dealing with this foggy commute. we have a big crash which is south of mt. diablo and we are moving into contra costa county as the roads are still doing well and 880 is still off to a good start but you may see some fog in some parts. san rafael, that traffic still looks good in marin county and
5:39 am
bay bridge toll traffic looks good as you come to the pay gates. southbound 101 looks lightly traveled getting out to the toll plaza. let's go to steve. in the fog for some, a dense fog advisory is out, visibility in some location, it is unlimited and for others, it is near zero. be careful because some of that moves around until about 9:00. there is a system coming in so the amount of moisture is definitely coming up. mostly sunny and in the 60s and 70s. we have 40s in the upper areas and there is a different pattern here today. mainly low 50s and a couple of 40s to the north. the system can't go anywhere because of the nature and size
5:40 am
absolutely blocking everything but this is our system for thursday morning. thick morning fog, still sunshine temperatures coming down more low-to-mid 60s closer to the coast and bay and low 70s. and back in the forecast for tomorrow, that system will be inching closer but overall it looks dry to me and that will be over by 8:00 late wednesday into thursday. increasing clouds we get the rain clearing on friday and wet weather returns for the weekend. a key ruling is expected today in the san bruno pipeline disaster. how it could put page -- pg&e on the hook for disasters. look at these live pictures and we will bring you a live report on all the damage, next.
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. good morning, we have a calm cool day here at virginia beach and as the sun comes up, we have avoided the major destruction they have seen further up north and it has
5:44 am
spawned from flooding to power outages and even fire and snow. a record 13-foot storms surges have left. of the area flood utility crews for got a to shut off power and it has left thousands in the dark. many had to be evacuated after the facility's back up generator failed. >> they expect many to have this last longer. >> reporter: it created mass flooding and destroyed a section of the famed boardwalk. >> it has always flooded up there but i have never seen it like this up here. >> reporter: they are telling residents to seek higher ground after reports of major flooding. >> your best and safest option is to move to a higher level of the house. >> this widespread super storm is earning its title after
5:45 am
bringing snow fall to parts of car fine and west virginia. >> the word has gotten out if the roads are bad, take care of yourself and make sure you stay home and you are okay. >> there is a good amount of flooding in low-lying areas that needs to be cleaned up but they are hoping to bounce back quickly in this region at least. city offices are going to be open and they are on a two-hour delay. i am jennifer davis fox news. >> nice to see the sun out there, i'm sure. >> crews will be coming to restore power from millions left in the dark. they are sending 150 million employees to new york including northern and central call northern why. downed power lines and an
5:46 am
explosion are complicating efforts and have left 1.6 million people without power in 13 states. canada had another earthquake last night . a magnitude 6.2 off the coast. canadian officials say it was an after shock after the bigger quake. it was centered off the coast of british columbia. it has been centered by 80 mag feud 6.4 quakes and there is no significant damage from the after shocks. back here a judge is expected to make a final decision on whether or not they can seek damages for pg&e. several lawsuits have been filed against pg&e, however
5:47 am
today's ruling may clear the way for bigger punitive damages if the cases go to trial. all the cases are -- all the roads are open after being shut down for five hours. it happened before 9:00 in the sea ranch area. a car went off the road, hit a tree and caught fire. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene and nobody else was hurt. a woman from san leandro are under arrest after critically injuring a man in the marina district. he shot a man just after 1230 outside a halloween party near ford mason. he was dedenning his girl -- defending his girlfriend who was inappropriately touched by the suspect at a home in san leandro. >> two projects have just been green lighted in san jose.
5:48 am
they are due to break ground early next year and a slightly larger one will be by the on -- built on carlyle street. back over to sal, hopefully there are no problems over there. >> traffic is moving along relatively well as you drive through and there are no major problems the toll plaza has not begun to get busy but from vallejo to panola, we have a decent looking drive and bart, we have checked and they are
5:49 am
still doing well. 5:38 -- 5:48 let's go to steve. visibility is not bad and some are clear. visibility will be bad for a while and things will start to improve. a good looking system is out here. look at that, it has tapped into some moisture. i mean the entire great lakes and that's still rotating and wantelling back -- would beeling back -- wobbling back to the west. on the backside of this as well, rain continues and this lab major player for the rest of the week and our system is waiting for that system to move. although santa rosa can get
5:50 am
some isolated temperatures, this system is working its way slowly towards us. watch on the cloud and rain forecast, the rain line never really moves but i think it gets here more likely late into early thursday. and for the giants parade we bring in rain early thursday and this is a one and done and with your weekend always in view, it is sunny and warmer. it is creating some inconveniences for the ipo market. companies looking to go public may have to wait. some deals may not wait until after the election and especially restoration hardware still plans to launch this week. facebook has been looking
5:51 am
forward to sharing their stuff. they were eligible for first time trading and they have locked it up as a way to improve worker moral. they will have to wait at least one more day for markets to reopen ; they have a shakeup in the executive sweets of apple and scott is leaving as the company is not saying why and they have called two of his projects, apple maps, he was ahead of apple region after leaving six months on the job as well. bringing people together in richmond. last night's town hall meeting broth brought the debate out as election gets closer. plus where you and everyone can get something for free with
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the san francisco giants. click on the live icon and you can watch all of your apps live any time anywhere. two inches.
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. this is last year's big storm and look as the these from nasa, now sandy is there on your left and irene is on your right. sandy is about twice as big as irene and it is shortly downgraded after hurricane status, they will decide on approving a new tax and they have spent about 2. $5 million. the measure would add 1.5% tax on sugary drinks. now richmond's mayor said it is a good way to begin the fight against obesity. >> and we know it is the perfect place to start because
5:56 am
it has absolutely no nutritional valley. it is twice the calories... >> it is going to result in higher grocery bills whether or not they drink soda. >> it is fun to buy it and they will be the first in the nation to impose a tax. the giants dugout, they were expecting even bigger crowds after tomorrow's parade but authorities are worried about counterfeit money gear and they have confiscated 1200 shirts being sold illegally. you can tell it is counterfeit money if it lacks the hologram sticker. and they are offering
5:57 am
everybody in game two of the world series but you can get more from taco bell and if you happened to be there, it is angel pay began may actually -- pagan may actually serve you your toco. we have more on yesterday's homecoming, just look for the world series tag, just look for [applauds]. we are looking at it and traffic is going to be a little bit busy. also south of diablo, that is where the injury crash is and we will go to a live picture and traffic will be backed up a little bit, let's go to steve.
5:58 am
>> that storm is causing problems on the east coast and we will tell you where sandy is headed next. >> for us, we are wondering if we will get some rain this week and we will talk about that coming up. for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense.
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lysol. mission for health.

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